Open Casting Call for Minor League

The feature film Minor league (working title), a football story is seeking additional cast for lead, primary, and supporting roles. This is a comedy/drama film currently in the beginning stages of pre-production.

Casting directors are looking to secure primary characters as well as potentially adding minor or name talent for small parts. They are only able to bring on a small number of SAG (Union) talent due to the budget but are open to considering any talent for either Lead Roles or Name Talent for Minor Supporting Characters in Cameos. They will consider out of state talent and SAG talent for other roles if you have a solid working resume.

There will be an open casting call date for all roles. Casting prefers in person cast readings but are open to digital casting (script reading through web cam/video file as well as U Tube and other such sources) for out of state talent.

Michigan or local based talent is preferred for these roles but will consider out of state talent if you are able to secure travel. Lodging will potentially be available based on the role.

COACH WHISTLER - Age Range 40-60 - Co-Male Lead, Former football coach getting his second chance. Must look the part of an "aged" adult male over 5'7. Must be in shape in contrast to the role of "Hogsworth." A Hard Nosed Straight Arrow type with a hidden soft side.

COACH HOGSWORTH - Age Range 40-60 - Former Head College Coach. Heavy Set. (Should appear near the age of, or older than, the role of "Whistler." A Comical look at a Coach. A "happy go lucky" type of guy who is far more jolly than expected for a down on his luck former coach.

BRAD - AGE RANGE 24-35 - Stocky Build Attractive CO-Male Lead, has extensive dialog scenes. Must be 5'8 or taller with dark features (hair/eyes) Should have a "Linebacker" build but capable of looking like an undersized Defensive Lineman and/or fullback. A do everything type whose love for football propells him to go beyond the call of duty.

ANDY - Age Range 24-35 - Attractive, Athletic Male, Tall. Egotistical Ladies Man
who is a former College QB that isn't exactly a team leader and cares about himself first and foremost.

JOEY - Age Range 20-28 - Very Heavy Set Lineman, Similar to the Billy Bob role in Varsity Blues. A Large and comical role that is great for the right person.

JAMAL - Age Range 18-24 - Must be African American, Athletic Wide Receiver build. Must be able to add a comedy feel to egotistical based role lines.

ROB - Age Range 30-45 - Any ethnicity, well built "linebacker" type. Can play both aggressive and passive character roles. Should be able to portray a mean guy on the field and a meek guy off of it.

BARTENDER - Age Range 30-40 - Attractive, Slightly Older Looking Athletic Build. Must be able to portray a QB on field. A former stand out working at the bar who becomes the team's second chance. Should be charasmatic even when not in dialog

GRANT - Age Range 18-24 - 6'2 or Taller - Medium Larger Build. Any European Accent is a plus. Important update to consider. This is a Lineman looking character who is impressive in terms of size but shocking to find out he is a kicker and doesn't like contact.

BAR OWNERS (2) - Age Range 30-60 - Bar Owner's one is more business classy, the other an every guy's Joe.

DAD - Age Range 40-60 - Father of the Brad Character.

CHRISTINA - Age Range 18-26 - Attractive, Slender, CO Female Lead, A Good Girl turns bad girl style of character. Must be able to fit both the appearance of a "book worm" style role and then transfer to more of a sex appeal image.

LISA - Age Range 20-35 - Attractive, Slender, must have some Dance Experience, brief nudity is required. Type Cast prefers Blonde but will consider other with right experience. The antagonist love interest of Brad who competes with Christina, her friend, for his affection.

MOM - Age Range 40-60 - Brad's Mom

NUN - Age Range 20-30 - Physically Fit, Slender, Dark Haired, becomes part of the Cheer Team.

HEAVY SET CHEERLEADER - Age Range 20-30- Heavier Woman comfortable in spandex for one scene.

OLDER WAITRESS - Age Range 30-40 - Older Waitress looking for the right person to make the role. Either classically unattractive or aged yet attractive

If interested, please send an email to and include your head shot, full figure photos, resume. PLEASE include the CHARACTER NAME in the subject line of the email you send.

Special Note - Please take into consideration they are just entering pre-production. You may not be contacted for a period of time based on the character you are applying to read for.

Worldwide Open Casting Call For Independent Feature Film

EMILY LAZARUS is an independent film about a 17 year old, aspiring actress who flees her alcoholic and soul-crushing mother for the dream of creative and artistic success and independent adulthood in New York City.

Along for the ride is her broke boyfriend Drew, an aspiring filmmaker, who can only see life through the lens of his camera. This uniquely New York coming-age-story follows our heroine as she meets her future manager, a 19 year old Jewish boy who lives with his mother... her real father who turns out to be a porn director and heroin addict... and her step cousin Justin (a former concert pianist turned business man) who must come to terms with his own internal struggle, and hopeless love for her.

The movie is about growing up, becoming independent and struggle.

It's a real life drama that doesn't use a "heavy" story telling technique but a funny, ironic one.

The first casting session is being held online and therefore you can be located anywhere in the world. Casting deadline is December 22nd.

The casting directors are looking for all actors of AGES 16-70, both SAG and non-union.

Please visit the following website where you can find more information about the project and register (for free) to audition:

America's Got Talent Open Casting Calls

From America's Got Talent Casting Department:

With a talent search open to any act of any age, AMERICA’S GOT TALENT has brought the variety format back to the forefront of American culture by showcasing the hottest performers from across the country. Each week, the show features a colorful array of hopeful stars, including singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, jugglers, magicians and ventriloquists, all vying for their chance to strut and perform on stage in front of a panel of celebrity judges in the hopes they’ll be chosen a winner by the viewing audience. For season four America’s Got Talent is currently planning a massive nationwide audition tour. The auditions will be traveling across America to over eight major cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., and Seattle. They will be taking place in January through April of next year, so GET READY!

For the last 3 seasons this series has truly changed the lives of its’ contestants in ways they never dreamed of. Last year, insurance salesman/opera singer Neal Boyd from Missouri won the $1,000,000 grand prize and achieved his lifelong dream to headline a show in Las Vegas.

What makes this show unique is that any talent goes. We want to see anything and everything…No matter how zany, bizarre or unusual others may think your talent is, on our show, it could make you a star!

To register and for more information regarding the open call dates and locations please visit our website at: