Open Auditions for Minor League: A Football Story

About 10 roles - including a major one - will be cast at an open audition next week in Burton, Michigan for "Minor League, a Football Story," a comedy sports drama starring Pauly Shore, Scott Schwartz of Ocean’s 11, Robert Miano (who played opposite Al Pacino in "Donnie Brasco"), and Ernest Miller of "The Wrestler".

"Minor League," an independent film, will be released in select theaters and on DVD, though a national release is possible. It is fully budgeted, with production due to start March 23 and filming set for April.

Producers are looking for male and female actors in all age groups over 18, with locals getting preference.


Open audition for roles in "Minor League, A Football Story," an independent film to be shot exclusively in the Flint, Michigan area.


11:00am -6:00pm
Saturday, March 14, 2009


Allstar Sports Bar & Grill
4312 S. Dort Highway
Burton MI 48529


A minor league football franchise is down on its luck when a rich businessman (Pauly Shore) arrives in town with an offer to buy it. But he gets turned down when he wants to replace most of the players. So instead, he creates a league of his own, stealing the other league's coach (Robert Miano) and top players. The old league's owner is left to assemble a new team in time for the season - and the big game against Shore's team.