Major Motion Picture Seeking Amputees

Casting directors for Piranha 3D are seeking Amputee's to be featured extras in the Piranha wounded scenes. Because they are featured extras, the amputees will be paid more. General extras are also still needed.

Also Needed: 18-25 year years who look good in swimwear and can scream and die in a believable way so as to recreate the perfect spring break that goes horribly wrong!

In addition, here is some information that might help answer some questions:

The speaking roles have been cast or are close to being cast so they are no longer taking submissions for speaking roles.

The pay on this for extras is minimum wage with overtime over 8 hours, and "bumps" (additional pay) for special skills if applicable (see below for "incentives and prizes being offered"). There is additional pay for travel or accommodations. They are working out a deal with local hotels in Lake Havasu City to offer room rates for about $49. They are also planning a "mixer" in Phoenix to allow those selected to meet each other and perhaps find a roommate(s) and/or someone to ride with. However, the production company and casting directors are not able to coordinate any specific travel and accommodation arrangement for liability reasons. The majority of extras will be needed for two weeks starting June 1st through the 13th. They would love to have you for the whole time but if you can work some but not all days, please submit that also. They will take what you can give them as long as you "commit" and don't bail at the last minute. The shoot is through July 11th, 2009 but they are seekingthe "hot 18-25 year olds" and Amputees' only for the 2 week period mentioned. Under no circumstance are they allowed to cast anyone who is not 18 years old. No exceptions. Please don't submit any minors. This is an opportunity to be involved in something really big, and really fun. This is a team effort to make a good film in Arizona. Good attitudes and strong work ethic are a must on this shoot.

Have fun in the Arizona sun, and beautiful clear cool waters of Lake Havasu. Along with pay, they are raffling off gift cards to an electronics store ranging in value from $50 to $1000 along with other great prizes and incentives! Everyone is welcome to submit and participate. You do not need to live in Lake Havasu City as long as you are willing to get yourself there. So, get your friends to submit as well so you can bring your friends and make a vacation out of it - a vacation where you get paid to stay on the lake with others your age, have fun, get fed, attend a wrap party, win prizes, and be in a major motion picture!

To Submit:

Send an email to:

Include your name, agency if any, union status, height, weight, city you live in, age or range, phone numbers, email, with a close up photo and a full-body photo in jpg format attached. If you have professional photos, please also submit those photos. Photos in swimwear is a plus. Please also note if you have any special skills or strange human tricks such as flips, roller blading, etc. Think outside the box. What can you do do stand out from the crowd? This might be the thing that gets you more pay!

When you submit, PLEASE PUT THE WORD "FISH" IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF YOUR EMAIL. IF YOU ARE AN AMPUTEE, PLEASE PUT THAT IN THE SUBJECT LINE. Please do not direct the casting directors to a photo of you on another site and do not assume they already have your photo even if you have worked with them before. Each new project requires a new submission. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. DO NOT SUBMIT IF YOU ARE ALREADY SUBMITTED FOR THIS PRODUCTION.