Future Talent Showcase for Jimmy Kimmel Live!

To Be Considered For The Showcase:

The casting directors for Jimmy Kimmel Live! are looking for new and unknown singers, comics, dancers, rappers, magicians, ninjas, etc. Please send a DVD or VHS tape of your audition with your name, talent and phone number on the DVD or spine of the tape.

Before you send anything in, read the Procedures and Rules. You must print, sign and send in the General Name and Likeness Release and the Material Release. They be looking at all the DVDs and tapes, and please make sure they are to the point and that your tapes are cued up. No phone calls, no audition. We look forward to seeing your talent!

Please send DVDs/tapes to:

Future Talent Showcase
6834 Hollywood Blvd.
6th floor
Hollywood, CA 90028

Please note:

* They are ONLY accepting DVDs and tapes.
* ALL submissions become property of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and may be used in any manner.
* Tapes will NOT be returned.
* They are NOT holding auditions on any specified date at this time.
* Please send a DVD or tape. If they like it, they will call you.
* If you do not have a DVD or tape of your talent, make one.

Click Here for Procedures and Rules.

Click Here for the General Name and Likeness Release.

Click Here for the Material Release.