Feature Film "Blackbeard" Casting Call for actors in Des Moines, IA regional area

*** This project has been cancelled ***

Gigapix Studios and Recess Film Productions LLC., are casting actors in the Des Moines, Iowa regional area to appear in the SAG feature film "Blackbeard". Principal Photography begins Sept 9, 2009.

The following principal actor roles will be cast from the Iowa regional acting pool:

Co-worker at travel agency: female, Caucasian, 40-55 years old. Full of personality, perky, overly ebullient, she enjoys her job waaaaay too much.

Small child: 4-7 yrs, to play as young as possible, boy or girl. Sparkly, adventurous.

Jesse: 10-13 yrs, boy, Caucasian. A vertically challenged class clown, but definitely not on the A-list in school. One of Cole’s friends who have bonded as fellow geeks.

Martin: 10-13 yrs, boy, Caucasian. A quivering mass of insecurity under floppy hair. Just showing up to school each day is probably a struggle for him. But he at least has his fellow geeks.

Scott: 10-13 yrs, Caucasian. The handsome and confident alpha-pup of the school. He can talk to girls. The girls adore him, and so let’s just say; Cole, Jesse & Martin - do not.

Classroom teacher: Male or female, any ethnicity. 30-50 yrs. Need an actor who creates a character, just by being him or herself. Is a person of authority, not someone the students would walk all over.

I-pod girl: 11-14 yrs, Caucasian. In the same class with Cole, Jesse, Martin & Scott, yet she has a maturity beyond the boys. She’s the unapproachable one to anyone but Scott. Dry humor, aware of what goes on around her. She isn’t intimidated by authority, especially not the school principal.

Production Company:

Do NOT send photos and resumes to the production companies (they will most likely end up in the trash can), they do not cast the films. They hire casting directors who sort through the thousands of submissions.

GigaPix Studios
9333 Oso Ave
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Director: Kern Konwiser

Producer: Kip Konwiser


Steve Coogan - Blackbeard
Jimmy Bennett - Cole
Connor Price - Tyler
Christopher Lloyd - Gramps”
John Leguizamo - “Principle McKeever


A pair of brothers Cole and Tyler, stumble upon the ghost of a famous pirate during a much-anticipated school field trip to the museum’s pirate exhibit. The visit erupts into an adventure beyond Cole and Tyler's wildest fantasy.