Coca-Cola Seeks Sound Talent For New Commercial

Coca-Cola is making stardom possible for its new commercial, called the "Sounds of Coca-Cola," which will feature real people demonstrating their personal renditions of the distinct sounds that occur every time someone opens a Coke and Opens Happiness.

People may speak different languages, but everyone understands the universal language of Coca-Cola. It’s the “ahh” sound you make after taking the first sip on a hot day or the “phsst” sound of the bubbles being released. If you can mimic those sounds, you may find yourself in a starring role alongside other Coca-Cola fans from around the world.

From now through October 15, 2009, people can visit the Coca-Cola page on Facebook to learn how to take part in the global casting call for the new commercial. Through a specially designed "Sounds of Coca-Cola" application on Facebook you can upload personal audition videos showcasing your own unique interpretation of the "Sounds of Coca-Cola."

The Coca-Cola Facebook page, which was created in 2008 by two of the brand’s most ardent supporters, Dusty and Michael, now has nearly 3.7 million fans representing countries on six continents and is one of the most popular brand pages on the global website. To tap into this digital gathering of Coca-Cola lovers from around the globe, the innovative worldwide casting call for “Sounds of Coca-Cola” is being conducted exclusively through Facebook.

Click Here for the Official Sounds of Coca-Cola Facebook Page.

For pointers on producing an eye-catching “Sounds of Coca-Cola” submission, aspiring commercial stars can check out a video in which Dusty and Michael reveal their impressions of what it’s like to enjoy the world’s most refreshing beverage. To participate in the casting call, you simply need to create an individual video, one minute in length, in which you impersonate the following sounds:

● Opening a bottle or can or Coca-Cola

● Ice cubes clinking as they drop into a glass

● Pouring a Coca-Cola over ice

● The fizzing of the Coke as it bubbles after being poured

● The first drink of Coca-Cola

● That “ahh” moment of refreshment

All submitted videos will be reviewed and those which demonstrate the best quality sound effects, exhibit noticeable on-camera presence and personify the Coca-Cola brand will be considered for casting in the production of the commercial, which will debut in 2010.

The global Coca-Cola “Open Happiness” campaign, which debuted in January 2009, invites people to share a little happiness and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. The campaign is airing in markets around the world, Recently, “Heist,” an animated ad in which ladybugs, grasshoppers and other insects join forces to rob a bottle of Coca-Cola from a slumbering picnicker, won the 2009 Emmy for Outstanding Commercial at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences' Creative Arts Awards.

Open Casting Call in Rapid City, SD for people of all ages as talent for BBM Studios

Black Hills Casting Call in Rapid City, South Dakota. BBM Studios and KEVN-FOX TV will host this local event to gather people of all ages for fresh talent and casting pool on Saturday, September 26, 2009. They plan to congregate people of all types from the Black Hills area to fit the variety of talent and casting needs in which the local advertising industry is currently short. The talent is being sought for Local event to gather people of all ages as talent for work in commercials, videos and other advertising mediums.

“We need an array of new faces to add to our casting pool, from young children to grandparents, with seasoned faces and from all walks of life,” said Robert Sharp, owner and president of BBM Studios, a division of South Dakota marketing agency Robert Sharp & Associates. “The search is perfect for locals to sign up and get started on a creative project that earns some extra cash - whether being a lead in a commercial or simply an extra on a film set.”

The search is open to those of all ages, with no experience required, who are interested in or who might enjoy being in commercials, movies, print ads, and reenactments made locally in the Black Hills area. Those interested can come to the registration event, fill out a registration form, have a snapshot taken and then enjoy the excitement of being part of a local casting group. KEVN-FOX TV and BBM Studios will both make use of the casting pool for upcoming projects.

Additionally, those not able to attend the event are invited to join the Black Hills Casting Call group on Facebook in order to keep posted about opportunities in the Black Hills as they become available.

Click Here for the Black Hills Casting Group at Facebook.

Those involved in the Facebook group will be able to interact with one another and communicate with BBM Studios staff. “We want our talent pool to be able to have an easy way to interact with one another and find out about upcoming commercials, films and more,” said Sharp.

The Black Hills Casting Call will be located in The Dahl Gift Shop area and applicants can enter The Dahl through the new Seventh Street doors that lead directly to the casting call area. RSA staff members will be onsite gathering registrations, meeting registrants, taking pictures, and answering questions.


Dahl Fine Arts Center
Dahl Gift Shop area
713 7th St
Rapid City, SD 57701
Click Here for directions.


Saturday, September 26, 2009
11:00am - 4:00pm

If you are unable to attend the open casting call, you can stop by Robert Sharp & Associates to fill out a talent registration form:

Robert Sharp & Associates
3615 Canyon Lake Drive
Rapid City SD 57702
Click Here for directions.

About BBM Studios:

BBM Studios is a division of Robert Sharp & Associates producing excellence in video and audio production. Robert Sharp & Associates is a Rapid City-based agency that has achieved excellence in marketing and advertising since 1992.

Walt Disney Pictures seeking experienced horse handlers and trainers

A major casting call for Disney's "Secretariat" will be held Sunday at the Cajundome in Louisiana. The casting director is asking for experienced horse handlers and trainers. The film chronicles the life story of Penny Chenery, owner of the race horse "Secretariat" who won the Triple Crown in 1973.

In addition, they are seeking photo doubles for stars Diane Lane, John Malkovich, Dylan Walsh and Nelsan Ellis.

More than 4,000 extras are also needed for the film, much of which is being shot and produced in Acadiana region of Louisiana this year. People of all ages, races and ethnicities are needed, as are actors and actresses to play hippie-type characters, military and police officers, media reporters, and people with 1970s cars, horse trailers and RVs.

Those attending are asked to bring a 4x6 photo of themselves and enter through the north entrance in the back. All extras will be paid, but signing up does not guarantee a person that they will be an extra.


444 Cajundome Blvd.
Lafayette, LA 70506
Click Here for directions.


Sunday September 27, 2009
Starting at noon.

Production Company:

Do NOT send photos and resumes to the production companies (they will most likely end up in the trash can), they do not cast the films. They hire casting directors who sort through the thousands of submissions.

Walt Disney Pictures
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank CA 91521-3400

in association with

Mayhem Pictures
725 Arizona Ave
Ste 302
Santa Monica CA 90401

Producers: Mark Ciardi, Gordon Gray

Director: Randall Wallace


Diane Lane
John Malkovich
Dylan Walsh
Nelsan Ellis


About the 1973 Triple Crown-winning racehorse and its owner, Penny Chenery. She was a mother and housewife who knew little about horses when she was pressed to take over her ailing father's horse farm in Virginia. Though Secretariat came along and began to take shape as a potential champion, Chenery was pressured to sell the farm after her father died and she was hit with a multimillion-dollar inheritance tax. She saved both the farm and the horse, and watched as Secretariat became the first thoroughbred to win the Triple Crown in 25 years, taking the Kentucky Derry, Preakness and Belmont Stakes in dominating fashion. Chenery became known as the "first lady of racing."