Open casting call in Newburgh, NY for kids 11-16 to star in feature film

Newburgh Feature Film Open Casting Call

An open casting call is set for a film shooting Summer, 2013 in Newburgh, NY.
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The city of Newburgh, New York has sent a message to Hollywood and Tinseltown has responded. The city and surrounding Hudson Valley has seen a record number of films shooting in the area this year, with filmmakers being drawn to the area as a result of Governor Cuomo’s commitment to the industry. An open casting call is scheduled for kids/teen between the ages of 11-16 for lead and co-starring roles. The movie will be shooting in Newburgh in July and August, 2013.

The Hudson Valley proximity to New York City along with the state's 30 percent tax credit has been a very attractive incentive for Hollywood feature film productions to set up shop in the area. In Hudson Valley there is much less traffic for film crews to transport sets and equipment from New York City, than locations such as Brooklyn or Long Island. Being only 60 miles from NYC also makes for an easy commute for actors based in Manhattan.

Newburgh is also home to the state-of-the-art sound stages at Umbra of Newburgh. The studio meets the requirements as a "Qualified Film Production Facility" in New York State, which means films using the facility qualify for the Empire State Film Production Tax Credit program. Umbrah has a 16,000 sq. ft. sound stage, and a second 20,000 sq. ft. sound stage, along with a 6000 sq. ft. scenic/construction area.

To help attract and support Hollywood productions in the area, the Newburgh Film Office was opened on April 5, 2013. Mark Gamma, owner of the Newburgh Actor's Studio, is operating the film office. Gamma has been the go-to guy for film and television productions coming to the area, and he has helped with location scouting, film permits, crew and extras hiring, and coordinating with city officials.

Recent films shot in Newburgh include the Magnolia Pictures feature film "The Brass Teapot" starring BAFTA Award winner Juno Temple and Young Artist Awards nominee Michael Angarano, "Return" starring Screen Actors Guild Awards nominee Linda Cardellini and Academy Award nominee Michael Shannon. Portions of Paul Newman's hit "Nobody’s Fool" were filmed in Newburgh in 1993. Other Hudson Valley projects in various stages of production include "Why Now?!" starring Academy Award winner Marisa Tomei and two-time Screen Actors Guild nominee Sam Rockwell; "7 Years, 3 Days" starring Young Artist Awards winner Emma Roberts; and "Back Roads" starring BAFTA Awards winner Kristen Stewart.

Newburgh Open Casting Call Details

The following roles are being cast locally for a feature film that will shoot in Newburg, NY in July and August, 2013:

[CLARK] - 11-14 yrs. to play 12 years old. Biracial. (Caucasian/African-American).
Intelligent, sophisticated, cultured, and quiet, Clark’s idea of fun is reading, listening to jazz and hanging out with his posse of NYC friends and his parents, an artist and writer. When his family moves from NYC to Idaho, he suddenly feels pressured to become someone he isn’t. (LEAD)

[AMBROSIA] – 11-14 yrs. to play 12 yrs. old. Caucasian. Acts older and experienced than she actually is - a sheltered girl from a small town. Confident, powerful and a leader, she has never met someone from NYC before. Best friends with Julie.

[JULIE] – 11-14 yrs. to play 12 yrs. old. Caucasian. Smart but impressionable, Julie is Ambrosia's sidekick. Innocent and naïve, she is actually a good person when not being intimidated by Ambrosia. She has never met someone from NYC before. Friends with Ambrosia.

[WILLIAM] - 14-16 yrs. to play 15 yrs. old. African-American. Clark’s cousin, he comes to visit Clark when Clark moves to Idaho. More mature and experienced than Clark – but that is not saying much. He's a good student and is trying to be a leader to his younger cousin, Clark. Goes by the nickname Frosty.

NOTE: This an open casting call. Talent can just show up and meet the casting team and director. But the roles are specific. For kids and teens. No advance sides (audition script). It will be a "cold read". For local talent only.


Newburgh Actors Studio
784 Broadway
Newburgh NY 12550
Click here for directions.


Monday June 24, 2013
4:00pm - 8:00pm

The film's director and casting director will be attending the open casting call.

Minors and foreign talent must be legally eligible to work in the state of New York and in the United States.

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