Open casting call for speaking roles in the feature film "Dog Years"

Mandt Brothers Productions in association with Dog Years Productions has scheduled an open casting call for both speaking roles and extras. The open casting call is in Knoxville, TN where filming will take place beginning on June 6, 2016. Roles are available for adults and minors. People of any ethnicity are welcome to attend the open casting call.

"Dog Years" centers on a bitter, curmudgeonly old B movie star named Vic Edwards, who reluctantly flies to Philadelphia to be presented with what he thinks is a prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at an international film festival, only to find himself at a very low-rent, though passionate, affair put on by a bunch of geeky and adoring fans. After leaving the "festival" in a drunken rage, Vic winds up going with his driver, Lil - the festival organizer's sister - on a journey of his old haunts, including where he grew up in New York City and a visit with his beloved first wife, now in a nursing home, suffering from Alzheimer's. Along the way, Vic comes to understand the nature of a long life lived well - or maybe not so much - and the value of humility, grace, forgiveness and love.

Starring in "Dog Years" is Academy Award nominee Burt Reynolds, four-time Screen Actors Guild Awards winner Ariel Winter, and Screen Actors Guild Award winner Kiernan Shipka. Adam Rifkin is directing "Dog Years" from his own original screenplay. Producers are Neil Mandt, Michael Mandt, Orian Williams, Gordon Whitener, Jarred Hoffman, and Gore Verbinsk.

Dog Years Film Casting Call

The feature film "Dog Years" is holding the following open casting call. This is for both speaking roles and for extras. Please bring a headshot and resume (if available) along with a sheet of paper with the following information written on it large enough for it to be seen in a photo (the producers will be taking a photo of you holding the sheet of paper). Filming of this will be taking place in Knoxville, TN beginning on June 6, 2016.


West Town Mall (at the amphitheater near J.C. Penney's)
7600 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919


Saturday May 21, 2016
2:00pm - 5:00pm

If you are unable to attend the open casting call, email 2 recent color snapshots (one from the chest up, and one full length, your age, height, weight, location, and all contact information to:

Los Angeles Principal Actor Casting (speaking roles only)

For LOS ANGELES actors only, email a headshot and resume to the following,, and put "Dog Years Casting" in the subject line:

Brandon Henry Rodriguez


Starring and supporting roles are mainly being cast through talent agents. You can find comprehensive listings and submission addresses for talent agents here. However, if you are not signed with an agent and wish to self-submit, I highly recommend that your 8x10 color headshot and resume along with the cover letter be sent in a 9 x 12 Clear Full Face Window Envelope with the photo visible in the window.

Click Here to purchase 9 x 12 Clear Full Face Window Envelopes.

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Absolutely NO actor or extras submissions to this email address, they will be discarded.

Production Company:

Do NOT send photos and resumes to the production companies, as they will end up being thrown away. They do not cast the films, rather they hire casting directors who sort through the thousands of submissions (see above).

Mandt Brothers Productions/Dog Years Productions, LLC
6910 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90038


Neil Mandt
Michael Mandt
Orian Williams
Gordon Whitener
Jarred Hoffman
Gore Verbinsk


Adam Rifkin


Burt Reynolds
Kiernan Shipka
Ariel Winter


An aging B movie star begrudgingly attends what he thinks is a Lifetime Achievement award celebration and gets in a drunken rage when he learns it's low-rent gig. He spends an evening with his young driver as they both learn a lot about life from each other.