Casting call for lead and supporting roles in feature film 'A Winter Love'

Navajo filmmaker Rhiana Yazzie is set to begin shooting the feature film 'A Winter Love'.

The indie feature film "A Winter Love" is now casting lead and supporting roles. Shooting will get underway in February, 2017 in in Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota. The film is being written and directed by the talented Navajo filmmaker Rhiana Yazzie. Yazzie is a playwright, producer, director, artistic director, and actor based in Minnesota. She is a 2016/2017 Playwrights' Center McKnight Fellow, a two-time Playwrights' Center Jerome Fellow, and was a Playwrights' Center Core Member for three years. Yazzie is the three time winner of the Native Radio Theatre annual new play contest; her radio play "The Best Place To Grow Pumpkins" received an Honorable Mention at the ImagiNative Film Festival in Toronto for Best Radio.

The following are the roles available for the indie feature film "A Winter Love":

EDDIE – Native American male, 20s. Lead character. A law-school drop out; short hair, big hearted but troubled man struggling to understand his place in the world and what it means to be a man. Has a deep emotional landscape punctuated by sabotaging self-doubt. This role requires momentary nudity.

RUBEN – White male, 50-60 years old. A handsome baby-boomer, Grammy award winning folk-singer with a penchant for younger women. Runs his own mini real estate empire, a flawed liberal.

CHERYL – Native American female, 20s. A naturally blonde Native mean girl who loves family and would bend the rules to keep them safe; has her own strong sense of what it means to be an urban Indian.

CHRIS – White male, 20s. Handsome striking blue eyes, frat boy, good hearted but like his fraternity brothers he over does the partying and drinking.

PARI – South Asian, 20s. Handsome, striking eyes, frat boy with a big career ahead of him if he doesn’t sabotage himself with his drug addiction and confused sexuality.

LUCINDA – White female, 20s. Blonde sorority mean girl, parties too much, stands up for herself and her sisters in her own flawed way.

SHERRY – White Female, 20s, sorority sister, mean girl, parties too much, is quite judgmental.

APRIL – Native American, female, 20s. Huge attitude, trying to kick her ex to the curb but he won’t go away.

CYN – Female, 20s, any ethnicity, sorority sister, astounded by everything happening around her, parties too much.

EDITH – African American, female, 50s, has married into and works in the Native community, protective of her flawed family.

YOUNG GIRL – Native American, female, 10 years old, super smart, wants to be a song writer one day, loves taking guitar lessons, sassy attitude and very observant.

LUCAS – Native American, male, 30s/40s. A narcissistic, bonehead, tough guy.

To be considered, send headshot and resume with the subject CASTING + the character you are interested in) to

Casting turn around very quick, shoot schedule to begin February 2nd possibly go until February 18th in Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota.