Open casting call for 13-16 year old aspiring Pop Stars

Thanks to Amy Malin, President and Founder of Trueheart Events for sending me this open casting call to post for her music industry executive clients coming to L.A. from Miami Beach on Saturday, November 12th and Sunday, November 13th. - Alan Baltes

Beautiful Katy Perry from Goleta California

 Talent scouts are looking for the next Katy Perry!

Seeking Teen Pop Star With An Attitude!

The songwriters and producers behind some of
Rihanna and Katy Perry’s biggest hits are looking for
the next BIG superstar to sign to a major label recording deal!

If you are between the ages of 13-16 years old and think you have what it takes to explode on to the music scene, then now is your chance to audition for the opportunity of a lifetime.  Are you the next Avril Lavigne or Justin Timberlake???

If you can't make the casting call please email us a clear photo of yourself, your demo and/or a link to your Facebook, MySpace or YouTube page with a video that shows you can rock.

Be sure to include your contact info in your email
Put “Pop Star With An Attitude!” in the subject line to:

Come meet our talent scouts at our Casting Call

Saturday, November 12th & Sunday, November 13th 2011
Millennium Dance Complex
5113 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 90601

1pm-5pm both days

You will be asked to sing a cappella

Girls may sing either “California Gurls” by Katy Perry or “Till The World Ends”
by Britney Spears
Guys may sing either “Yeah Yeah Yeah” by Chris Brown or “One Time”
by Justin Beiber

Please bring a recent picture of yourself to the casting call.

Will begin writing and recording in LA, New York and Miami in early 2012.

Open casting call for NBC's 'Grimm' in Portland, Oregon

NBC Grimm Portland Open Casting Call

NBC's "Grimm" Premieres October 28, 2011 and will air Fridays 9/8c
AB Media Publishing, LLC

Universal Media Studios and Hazy Mills Productions are shooting a new fantasy crime drama series titled "Grimm" in the Portland, Oregon area. The local casting director is holding an open casting call for Portland area talent 18 and older, males and females, who can pass for late teens in an upcoming episode. Actors who are not chosen for this particular episode may be kept on file for future episodes, as the casting directors is expanding her roster of the over-18 to play younger category.

Set in present-day Portland, Oregon, the series puts a new twist on the stories of the Brothers Grimm in which a homicide detective learns that he is a descendent of a group of hunters known as "Grimms", who fight to keep humanity safe from the supernatural creatures of the world. Upon learning of his destiny and that he is the last of his kind, he has to protect every living soul from the sinister storybook characters that have infiltrated the real world.

The series stars David Giuntoli who plays the starring role of homicide detective Nick Burkhardt. Russell Hornsby plays Hank Griffin, Nick's homicide partner. Bitsie Tulloch portrays Juliette Silverton, Nick Burkhardt's girlfriend. Claire Coffee takes on the role of venerable assassin Schlauraffen who works for the creatures that embrace the darker side of the Brothers Grimm world.

"Grimm" is executive produced by Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner. Marc Buckland directed the pilot, which was written by David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf. Filming for the pilot started March, 2011 in Portland, Oregon. NBC announced in May, 2011 that the network picked up the pilot to series. "Grimm" will premier on October 28, 2011, and if the ratings are good, NBC could add nine additional episodes to the initial season.

Open Casting Call Details

"Grimm" is under AFTRA contract, however both AFTRA members and non-union talent are welcome to attend the open casting call.


Lana Veenker Casting
1430 SE 3rd Avenue
Suite 100
Portland, OR 97212
Click Here for directions.


Wednesday October 19, 2011
2:00pm - 6:00pm

Be prepared to possibly read for the casting director and have your photo taken. Pacific Northwest talent can also find submission instructions for Lana Veenker Casting on the following website:

Casting Scoop

If you can not attend the open casting call and are submitting a headshot and resume by mail, actors please put your AFTRA membership number on your resume.

Note: Talent can join AFTRA online at or at their local branch office.

Current costs to join AFTRA:

$1663.90 ($1600.00 + $63.90), covering initiation fee and the first payment of bi-annual dues.

Principal Actor Casting

See the post titled Headshot and Resume Information regarding how to submit for acting roles.

Please submit photos and resumes by mail only.
No phone calls or personal drop-offs.

Los Angeles:

Marlo Tiede
Donna Rosenstein Casting
800 S Main Street
Suite 202
Burbank, CA 91506


Lana Veenker Casting
1430 SE 3rd Avenue
Suite 100
Portland, OR 97212

Extras Casting


Danny Stoltz
Extras Only
635 NW 16th Avenue
Suite A
Portland, OR 97209
Click Here to register with Extras Only.

Production Companies:

Do NOT send photos and resumes to the production companies, as they will most likely end up being thrown away. They do not cast the films, rather they hire casting directors who sort through the thousands of submissions.

"Grimm" Production Office
Open for Business, LLC
2127 NW 26th Avenue
Portland, OR 97210

"Grimm" Writers Office
4024 Radford Avenue
Roy Rogers Building
Studio City, CA 91604

Hazy Mills Productions
4024 Radford Avenue
Building 7
2nd Floor
Studio City, CA 91604

Universal Media Studios
100 Universal City Plaza
Building 1360
3rd Floor
Universal City, CA 91608


Sean Hayes
David Greenwalt
Jim Kouf
Todd Milliner
Lori Hitner
Steve Oster


Various directors are used.


David Giuntoli - Nick Burckhardt
Claire Coffee - Adalind Schade/Schlauraffen
Russell Hornsby - Hank Griffin
Bitsie Tulloch - Juliette Silverton
Kate Burton - Aunt Marie
Silas Weir Mitchell - Eddie Monroe
Sasha Roiz - Captain Renard
Reggie Lee - Sgt. Wu


This drama series is inspired by the classic Grimm's Fairy Tales. Remember the fairy tales your parents used to tell you before bedtime? Those weren’t stories, they were warnings. Nick Burkhardt (David Guintoli) thought he prepared himself for the realities of working as a homicide detective until he started seeing things he couldn’t quite explain. When his ailing Aunt Marie (Kate Burton) arrives, Nick's life turns upside down when she reveals they are descendants of an elite group of hunters, also known as “Grimms,” who fight to keep the balance of humanity safe from the supernatural creatures of the world. As Nick digs deeper into her past, he realizes that he will have to shoulder the responsibility of his ancestors, and contend with a larger-than-life mythology of the Brothers Grimm that is now all too real. As a Grimm, he sees things that other people can't, including evil creatures straight out of the darkest fairy tale. And as a Grimm, Nick must battle the forces of evil - even at grave and ever-present risk to his own life.

Universal Pictures open casting call for 'Pitch Perfect' starring Anna Kendrick

Baton Rouge Pitch Perfect Open Casting Call

"Pitch Perfect" is casting people of all types and ages especially college age.
AB Media Publishing, LLC

Gold Circle Films in association with Universal Pictures are hosting an open casting call for their feature film "Pitch Perfect," which is based on a true story. In addition to general background extras, there are featured extra roles and stand-in roles for the film's stars that will be up for grabs. All ages and types are needed, especially college age people. Shooting begins October 17, 2011 in Baton Rouge Louisiana. These are fully paid positions.

"Pitch Perfect" takes a behind-the-scenes look at the bizarre, inspiring, and hilarious world of competitive collegiate a cappella. Universal Pictures will be hoping to capitalize on the recent success of the similarly themed "Glee" television series that has garnered cult status worldwide, and the popularity of the hit reality competition series "The Sing Off".

Jason Moore will direct his first feature film from an adapted screenplay written by two-time Primetime Emmy nominated Kay Cannon. Moore has directed various episodes of the television shows "Dawson's Creek," "One Tree Hill," "Everwood," and "Brothers & Sisters". Moore also has a background directing Broadway Theatre, and was nominated for a Tony Award for the musical "Avenue Q". "Pitch Perfect," is based on GQ Magazine writer Mickey Rapkin's non-fiction book "Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate A Cappella Glory".

Primetime Emmy Award nominated actress Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman are producing "Pitch Perfect" with their company, Brownstone Productions. President of Gold Circle Films, Paul Brooks, will also produce. Executive Producer will be Scott Niemeyer, also of Gold Circle Films. Jeff Levine, who started out in the business working as Nicolas Cage's assistant, will co-produce "Pitch Perfect".

Open Casting Call Details


Pitch Perfect Productions, LLC
1885 Wooddale Blvd.
Wooddale Towers
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
No phone calls or emails please.
Click Here for directions.


Saturday Oct 15, 2011
10:00am - 2:00pm

They will take your photo and personal information. For example: all clothing sizes, contact information, any special skills you have, etc. You will be put in the "Pitch Perfect" Database to work as a background performer.

If you are located within reasonable driving distance of either Baton Rouge or New Orleans and are unable to attend the open casting call, or you are under the age of 18, you can still be considered to work on "Pitch Perfect" by registering with Caballero Casting on the following website:

Caballero Casting "Pitch Perfect" Extras Registration

Pay rate for this film varies between $80-$150/day depending on the hours worked. The pay is higher for stand-ins and photo-doubles. Minors and foreign talent must be legally eligible to work in the state of Louisiana and United States. Candidates must also be available for production from October 17, 2011 through December 16, 2011.

The 2012 Louisiana Actors Resource Guide includes the following information and documents for minors and foreign talent who would like to audition for "Pitch Perfect" or work as an extra on the film:

• USA Child Actor Work Permit Requirements
• Louisiana Child Performer Law Information Sheet
• Louisiana Child Performer Trust Act Sheet
• Louisiana Minor Trust Deduction Guidelines
• Louisiana Minor Intention To Employ Form
• Louisiana Employment of Minors in Theatrical Performances or Exhibitions
• Louisiana Film, TV, and Commercials Minor Labor Law Summary
• Immigration Work Permit Information
• Non-Immigrant Visa Application

In addition to the following Louisiana Actors Resources:

• Audition Tips
• How To Make an Audition Video
• Casting Directors List
• Talent Agents List
• Acting Coaches, Classes, and Schools List
• Headshot Photographers List
• Actors Unions
• Sample Actors Resume
• Sample Beginning Actors Resume
• Sample Cover Letters
• General Talent Agent Information
• Entertainment Industry Terminology
• Miscellaneous Resources
• PDF Users Guide

The 2012 Louisiana Actors Resource Guide eBook is available here.

Principal Actor Casting

See the post titled Headshot and Resume Information regarding how to submit for acting roles.

Please submit photos and resumes by mail only.
No phone calls or personal drop-offs.

Los Angeles:

Kerry Barden
Paul Schnee
Barden/Schnee Casting
1513 6th Street
Suite 105
Santa Monica, CA 90401

New York:

Kerry Barden
Paul Schnee
Barden/Schnee Casting
150 West 28th Street
Suite 402
New York NY 10001

Extras Casting

Baton Rouge:

Brent Caballero
Caballero Casting
9522 Brookline Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
No Phone Calls!

Production Companies:

Do NOT send photos and resumes to the production companies, as they will most likely end up being thrown away. They do not cast the films, rather they hire casting directors who sort through the thousands of submissions.

Pitch Perfect Productions, LLC
1885 Wooddale Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Universal Pictures
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608

Gold Circle Films
233 Wilshire Blvd
Suite 650
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Producers: Elizabeth Banks, Max Handelman, Jeff Levine


Jason Moore


Anna Kendrick - Beca
Brittany Snow - Chloe
Rebel Wilson - Fat Amy
Alexis Knapp - Stacie
Utkarsh Ambudkar - Donald
Brock Kelly - Howie
Anna Camp - Aubrey
Hana Mae Lee - Lilly
Adam DeDine - Jesse
Skyler Astin - Benji


A romantic comedy set in the world of competitive collegiate a cappella groups. Fiercely competitive UMass undergraduate a capella groups Divisi (all girls) and Treblemakers (all boys) practice and perform throughout the year in the quest for the a capella nirvana: winning the "International Championship of Collegiate A Capella" (ICCA) that's held each spring at Carnegie Hall. With Divisi undergoing some intense interpersonal strife - most of their members have graduated, singer Chloe (Brittany Snow) has vocal chord nodes and their leader Aubrey (Anna Camp) insists on keeping the group in its same old groove - the stakes are high, particularly with the inclusion of freshman-with-a-bad-attitude, Beca Mitchell (Anna Kendrick), whose good ideas are routinely shot down by Aubrey. Beca's also trying hard not to fall in love with fellow freshman Jesse (Adam DeDine), a nice guy and a new member of the Trebles - whose guys are, according to the age-old Divisi tradition, off-limits to the Divisi girls.